Paris Personal Meetups

Wait, why do you have dues?

Fair question - most people don't realize that Meetup charges fees. They are so used to joining any meetup and attending any event, often at no charge. Therefore it may come as a surprise to them that Meetup charges organizers fees.

Currently, as an organizer, if you pay 6 months in advance, you pay a total of 60 Euro/year and this permits the organizer to run up to three meetups.

Our fees serve two purposes:

  1. To offset the fees that the organizers pay to Meetup.
  2. To, if enough dues are paid, have a small party at the end of each year to give back to the group itself.

Dues at current are 1 Euro per person per meetup and must be paid in person at the time of meeting. We think it is a sustainable and easy way to keep a volunteer effort going.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our meetups. If you have any questions about sponsorship or membership please feel free to email us directly at parispersonalmeetups AT gmail DOT com.


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